ICE VISION Production Center was founded in 2006 by the team who initiated the creation of the Federation of figure skating in Saint Petersburg.

ICE VISION is one of the first Russian companies who created and launched a unique format of shows on Ice which combine figure skating and theatrical elements. Since its foundation 10 years ago, the company has successfully realized dozens of large scale shows and organized more than 500 performances in over 60 cities in Russia, Europe and Asia with more than 2 000 000 spectators.


Dracula. The story of eternal love


Bram Stoker’s novel – “Dracula“ – lead to the beginning of a whole genre of literature. Since its introduction in 1897, the vampire theme has attracted writers and filmmakers from all over the world.

Dracula was the embodiment of treachery, repressed fears and desires. ICE VISION presents its version of this unnatural, mysterious and fascinating part of history.

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Beauty and the Beast

Ice Vision soon goes on a tour to Spain with the ice show
“Beauty and the Beast”.
At the order of BARABU Producciones, exclusively for Spain and Portugal,
the Ice Vision team is working on the creation of a new ice show.

BARABU Producciones Contacts:

Fernando Gonzalo
(0034) 691 030 880

Alvaro M. Blanco
(0034) 612 20 74 30

Alice in Wonderland on Ice

Alice in Wonderland on Ice

The story of Alice and her unbelievable adventures is well-known thanks to the fairy tale written by talented Lewis Carroll. ICE VISION presents “Alice in Wonderland on Ice” – a new story of a young girl: personages performing charismatic dances on Ice, funny dialogues, colorful costumes and music written specially for the ice show by Alexei Galinsky. The performance reminds us that it is worth dreaming and believing in ourselves at any age.

Spectators will be charmed by the craziness of the Hatter and the magic of the Cheshire Cat appearing in the most unexpected moments.

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The Nutcracker and Lord of Darkness

The Nutcracker and Lord of Darkness

ICE VISION presents its interpretation of the famous fairy tale of E.T.A. Hoffmann “The Nutcracker and The Mouse King”.

“The Nutcracker and The Lord of Darkness” is a magic show on Ice created by merging together figure skating and theater elements. The artistic performance on Ice creates an emotional and unforgettable atmosphere. Due to a combination of P. Tchaikovsky’s classical music remixes with rock style musical content, special effects, peculiar and vivid costumes, professional acting and video decorations, the audience is made to feel as a part of the show.

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Arabian nights on Ice

Arabian nights on Ice

‘Arabian Nights’ is a well-known story of a Shahriar King of Persia and his hetaera Scheherezade. ICE VISION presents a show on Ice with charming atmosphere from the East. The settings are inspired from the most famous fairytales, such as “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”, “Aladdin and the Magic Bird Rukh”. The message which will linger with the audience is that of an invincible power of love.

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Ice Opera

Ice Opera

ICE OPERA is a show on Ice which includes participation of awardees of Olympic Games, Europe and World Championships, soloists of Mariinsky theater and symphonic orchestra. The project includes figure skating performances, dances on Ice and acrobatic elements.

The figure skating performances are accompanied by live performance of opera stars such as Vasily Gerello, Carolina Sandgren, Oleg Lozoi, Karina Cheprunova, Vasily Celebrovsky and many others. The music consists of famous creations by Peter Tchaikovsky, Antonio Vivaldi, Franz Shubert, Giacomo Puccini and many others.

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Princess Anastasia

Princess Anastasia

The show is based on the legend of heiress of Russian thorn which was commemorated many times on theatrical stages. The ICE VISION team suggests its own version of princess Anastasia’s life story.

The show “Princess Anastasia” merges dramatic theater and dynamic figure skating. The spectators can feel how the story becomes alive on Ice thanks to the wonderful acting, atmospheric video decorations and exciting music written specially for the show by the talented composer Alexey Galinsky.

Juno and Avos on Ice

Juno and Avos on Ice

The popular Russian rock opera “Juno and Avos” comes to life on the ice arena. The famous poetry of Andrei Voznesensky, the music of Alexey Rybnikov and the voice of Nikolay Karachentsov are presented in a new format – the rock opera on Ice.

The main artistic approach in this show is dancing on Ice which allows spectators to view the rock opera from a different perspective. Video technology implements in real impressing interactive decorations and creates unforgettable memories.

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Bremen Musicians on Ice

Bremen Musicians on Ice

A New Russian ice show for the entire family, created in 2009 especially for the 40th anniversary of the legendary cartoon. Impressive decorations and amazing figure skating create an unforgettable, spectacular show on Ice. Melodies from the loved cartoon will play again in an absolutely new scenario created by Emmy Award winning composer and performer, author of music for Eugeny Plushenco’s Olympic performances, participant of Russian winner team at Eurovision 2008 – Edvin Marton.

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